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Fee Schedule

Service Description Fee for Service
Account/Deposit Verifications $10.00 Per Request
ATM (Foreign) Inquiry $1.00 Per Inquiry/A total of 4 free ATM transactions per month at foreign machines; withdrawals and/or inquiries. (The owner of the ATM may charge you a fee)
ATM (Foreign) Withdrawal $1.00 Per Withdrawal
Account/Deposit Verification $10.00 Per Request
Bill Payment Service $5.00 Per Month/Charged only if inactive for 90 days. Otherwise, it’s FREE.
Checking/Draft Reconcilement $10.00 Per Hour – In Person or phone call
Close and Re-Open Accounts $10.00 Removing Joint Owners; Tax Deposits, Etc.
Club I Early Withdrawal $10.00 Per Occurrence/Vacation Clubs mature on June 1st of each year.
Club X Early Withdrawal $10.00 Per Occurrence/Christmas Clubs mature on October 15th of each year
Copy of Check $5.00 Per Draft
Counter Checks $1.00  Per 5 checks
DMV Filing Fee $25.00  Per title.
Dormant Account $10.00 Per Month/After 12 months no activity
Excessive Share (Savings) Account Withdrawals $5.00 Each/Cash or Check withdrawals in excess of 2 per month on savings accounts will be assessed the fee.
Faxing Copies $1.00  Per Page/$5.00 Maximum
Garnishment/Lien Processing $25.00 Per Occurrence
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Transfers $25.00 Fee charged for transferring IRA assets to another IRA provider.
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Withdrawals $20.00 Fee charged for withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2.
Invalid Address/Return Mail $5.00 Per Item/$5.00 Monthly maximum
Overdraft Fee – By ACH, Check, or Debit Card $30.00 Per individual transaction
Overdraft Notification $2.00 Per Day/Courtesy Calls from CU to inform you of an overdraft item
Loan Extension (Skip-A-Pay) $25.00 Per Loan
Loan Late Charge 5% of Payment Amount Minimum of $10.00
Membership Fee $1.00 One Time
Money Orders $2.00 Each
Mortgage Loan Payoff Requests $25.00 Per Request
Non-Member Check Cashing $4.00 For Each Check
Notary Fee $5.00 Per Document
Quick Loan Application Fee $20.00 Per Application for Quick Loan
Replacement ATM or Debit Plastic $10.00 Per Card
Replacement PIN $10.00 Per Request
Return Check (Deposited/Cashed) $30.00 Per Occurrence
RUSH & Overnight Delivery Fee  Actual Costs/Minimum $75.00  
Safe Deposit Drill Fee $250.00 Per Occurrence/This fee will apply whether member shows for appointment or not
Safe Deposit Key Replacement Fee $35.00  Per Occurrence – member must have at least one key to duplicate, otherwise a drill fee will incur.
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fees $30 Small; $40 Med; $50 Large Pro-rating may apply.
Share Certificate Early Withdrawal 180 Days Interest Penalty applies whether interest has been earned/paid or not.
Statement Reprint $5.00 Per Statement
Stop Payment $30.00 Per Draft or ACH/ $35 Maximum Fee for a Series of Numbers
Subordination Agreement $75.00 For Mortgages
Third Party Teller Check $5.00 Each. Payable to someone other than account owner
VISA Gift Card $4.95 Each
Wire Fee (Domestic) $20.00 Each – note: we do not do international wires.
Transaction Print Out $1.00 Per Page
This Fee Schedule is subject to change.
This Fee Schedule may not include all fees. Pass through fees that are regulated are not printed here.
For additional information, please contact the Credit Union at 804-541-1473.


Privacy Notice

Financial companies choose how they share your personal information. Federal law gives consumers the right to limit some but not all sharing. Federal law also requires us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect your personal information.
Please click “Privacy Notice” for the full disclosure.   Privacy Notice


Funds Availability Policy

This disclosure describes your ability to withdraw funds at Vantage Point Federal Credit Union. This policy applies only to the availability of funds in transaction accounts. The credit union reserves the right to delay availability of funds deposited to accounts that are not transaction accounts for periods longer than those disclosed in this policy. Please ask us if you have a question about which accounts are affected by this policy.
Please click “Funds Availability Disclosure” for the full disclosure.


Electronic Funds Transfer Notice of Change

This notice of change provides updated information regarding VISA’s account updating services.
Electronic Funds Transfer Notice of Change


VISA Credit Card Agreement

This agreement and disclosure provides updated information regarding VISA’s account updating services and Military Lending Act requirements.  VISA Credit Card Agreement

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