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Anthem LemonAid Stand will be open here at the credit union on July 19th

Please donate and support! Help our kids fight cancer!


Back To School Supplies Available July 22nd

Limited amount per member while supplies last



Mortgage Loan Promotion

Refinance your 1st mortgage with us!

  • 80% LTV of required appraisal
  • up to a 15-year term
  • 5% Annual Percentage Rate


2nd Mortgage loans are available too:

  • 80% LTV of required appraisal
  • up to a 15-year term
  • 6% Annual Percentage Rate

Creditworthiness and other requirements and restrictions apply. Call us at 804-541-1473 at Ext 103 for additional details.





ARP Fraud Watch Network aarp.org/fraudwatchnetwork

Visit the AARP fraud watch network on common elements of today’s scams and how to stay safe



If you are receiving texts or calls with regards to you winning monies, or an IRS deposit, or a friend you have never met in person that wants your help with their monies, CALL US FIRST!

You may be a victim of a scam!

Don’t let that be you! Call us!


NEVER give out your card information to anyone that is calling or texting! 

If ever in doubt, contact the credit union immediately. 804-541-1473 ext. 110


TRAVEL NOTICE for your debit card!

Going out of town? Any time you are traveling, call us so we can update your debit card access while traveling. 804-541-1473 

SECURITY NOTICE Do not send sensitive information via email or text messages. Sensitive information includes Usernames, Passwords, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Card Numbers, Account Numbers or any other information that could be considered confidential.

SCAM WARNING Some of our members have experienced phone calls and text messages stating their card has been temporarily blocked from various websites.

These are not from Vantage Point! If you receive a call from our fraud department you will be provided a case number. They will already have your card information.

Once you have a case number, you can call our fraud contact center for more information in reference to the call: 1-800-262-2024 (do not call unless you have a case number) Call the credit union!



Vantage Point FCU has a mobile APP – go to APP store on your phone and download today. You must be signed up for Home Banking for the mobile APP to work.  Vantage Point FCU Mobile VPFCU Home Banking has lots of new features.

You can pay others with P2P – Pocket to Pocket, you can pay bills, check your balance, check your direct deposits and many other transactions on your account. You can also transfer to other members.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact a credit union representative for more details. 804-541-1473


 Mortgages Are Here!

If you have equity in your home, now may be the right time for you to refinance and pay off some debt or make repairs to your home or make a purchase. Whatever your reason we may be able to help! 

Contact our Mortgage Lending Officer at 804-541-1473 Ext 103

 Mortgage applications vary so please contact our Mortgage Loan Officer for details


 New and Used vehicle purchases!    
  Loan Rates as low as 4.99% APR*

Vehicles include autos, boats, motorcycles, and RV’s.

Plus, get extra protection on your loan!

We have Credit Disability Insurance, Credit Life Insurance, Guaranteed Asset Protection, and Mechanical Repair Warranty Coverage available.

Creditworthiness and restrictions apply. Rates are determined based on various items to include term of loan and credit score. Contact a loan officer for more details.

Apply online, in person or by phone. Give us a call 804-541-1473 extension 105 and 103.

  *APR – Annual Percentage Rate

Loan Application

Matching Rates

Proof of interest rate, term and collateral will be required. Floor Rate 3.24% APR*

Creditworthiness and restrictions apply.  
Loan Application
  *APR – Annual Percentage Rate


Bring your loan back to Vantage Point

If your vehicle is at another financial institution why not bring it back to Vantage Point!
Up to 1% off your existing rate for the remaining term of your loan.

Proof of interest rate, term and collateral will be required

Floor Rate 3.24% APR*, Creditworthiness and restrictions apply.     
Loan Application
  *APR – Annual Percentage Rate

Low VISA Credit Card Rates       

Vantage Point Federal Credit Union has VISA Credit Card Rates as low as 6.99% APR*

Balance transfers now available!     Credit Card Application is available by contacting the credit union.

Apply online or give us a call 804-541-1473 extension 105 or 103.

*APR – Annual Percentage Rate

If your wallet does not have a Vantage Point FCU VISA credit card in it, you could be paying too much!


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